Clomid – Shield Pharma



Dosage: 25mg to 50mg every day.

Boost the natural testosterone production. Great for post cycle therapy. Has anti-estrogenic properties.

Buy Clomid 25mg Shield Pharma

Clomid from Shield Pharma is a tablet-based product that need to be taken orally. One box of this product contains 100 tabs of 25mg each. Click Here to Check the Product Verification.  Clomiphene citrate is often used for the post cycle therapy.

Clomid Shield Pharma -Effects

It is important to restore the natural production of testosterone as it causes a significant increase in muscle tissue. The main function of this product is to increase natural testosterone production and to maintain muscle mass. It also blocks the estrogen receptors in the nipples. This will prevent gynecomastia.


We recommend using Shield Pharma’s clomid for 4 to 6 weeks at a dose of 25-50 mg daily. But it depends on how hard the course is and whether you are taking orals alone or combined with injections.

Clomid -Side Effects

This is a safe product and will rarely show unwanted symptoms. These side effects are rare: headache, hot flashes and dizziness.