Anavar – Shield Pharma



Dosage: 40 – 70 mg every day.

Gives great strength gains and solid lean mass. Perfect for beginner. Low side effects and liver toxicity.

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Anavar from Shield Pharma is a tablet-based product that need te be taken orally. One box contains 100 tabs of 10 mg each. Click Here to Check the Product Verification.

Anavar -Effect

Anavar is a pleasant oral because you will get solid mass gains without the risks of water retention and gynecomastia. Your gain a loth of strength which ensures that you train harder and better. There is no development of secondary male sexual characteristics in women, even at high doses. This is a popular product because it does not inhibit the testosterone production. So you don’t have to use estrogen suppressants.

Oxandrolone Shield Pharma -Dosage

Take Anavar for around 6 to 8 weeks. The daily dose for men is 40 to 70 mg, for women – 10-20 mg.